5 Tactics Real Estate Agents Should Start Doing To Generate Leads

As a real estate agent, generating leads is one of the most tedious activities that needs to be done when you are part of this industry. Getting qualified leads can be a challenge, but there are a lot of online marketing tactics that you can do to get the results you want.


Here are five tactics you should include to your lead generation activities.



  • A video for personal branding – Most people are visual beings especially when it comes to picturing themselves getting their dream home. You can create videos to feature the communities where the houses you sell are located. When you close a client, you can also ask them to do a short video testimonial about their buying experience.




  • Collect and share social proof – Aside from creating videos, you can share client reviews by having a dedicated review page on your website. And if you are posting your listing on major real estate platforms, make sure you don’t forget to ask your clients to leave a review there for you.




  • Segment your email list – If you have been a real estate agent for quite some time now, you probably have hundreds of email addresses and mobile numbers in your database. With the email list you have, check which of them has shown initial interest, still needs to be nurtured, and those that are ready to buy. Having segments will allow you to send them emails that are most relevant based on interest and intent.




  • Run paid ads on social media – Make sure to amplify your organic posts on social media by boosting them or pushing them to your desired audience to get post engagement. Level up your strategy by having targeted ads specifically for lead generation or conversion. Facebook ads let you choose the best objective that is aligned with your business goals.




  • Build lead capture forms – These capture forms ask your prospect to sign up and enter details in exchange of something of value from you. This can be a free home evaluation, a custom computation, or a home tripping. When creating lead forms on your website or on your ads, include only relevant questions and try to limit them up to 4.



Tactics 4 and 5, can be powerful when combined. You can do that with Facebook Lead Ads which allows you to get lead sign ups without going out of the Facebook platform.


If you want to know how to set that up, I have created a step-by-step guide that you can download here.

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