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7 Tasks and Tools Your Virtual Assistant Can Manage for You

Starting a business is one of the boldest decisions anyone can make. It takes a lot of grit and sacrifice. One of the realities entrepreneurs should admit to themselves is that they cannot do everything on their own.


While it is important to recognize task delegation, expanding your business to form a team doesn’t have to happen overnight. You can start with hiring a virtual assistant who can help you with small tasks. This way, you can start delegating and focus instead on high-level activities that matter most in your business.


So you can start having more time, here are some of the day to day tasks and tools that you can outsource and let your virtual assistant use to help you:


  1. Inbox Email Management – Emails are one of the most time-consuming tasks anyone can have. You can ask your virtual assistant to reply to low priority emails on your behalf and sort high priority ones so you can attend to them at a later time. If you haven’t signed up for an email account, the most common email service provider now is Gmail.


  1. Creating invoices for your own clients – Even if your virtual assistant doesn’t have accounting or bookkeeping background, you can still delegate simple invoicing tasks. If you do not have enough budget to invest in a paid software, here’s a list of free invoicing software from Huffington Post.


  1. Design – If your business doesn’t require complicated graphic designs, you can hire a virtual assistant instead of a graphic designer so you can still assign other tasks when needed. One of the most common design apps your virtual assistant can use is Canva. It’s not as advanced as other design software, but it still gets the work done.


  1. Content planning – Most businesses now are on social media, and you could be one of them. Planning content is a big chunk of a social media strategy. You can ask your virtual assistant to create for you some of these social media content listed from this previous article. A content calendar can be easily made using Google Sheets or any spreadsheet application.


  1. Blog management – Once your website goes live, you still need to update it monthly with new blog content. This is where your virtual can assist you by uploading newly written blog content. Blog posts can be easily uploaded to any CMS website like WordPress.


  1. Research – This is one of those tasks most entrepreneurs tend to skip because it takes a lot of time. It can be as simple as checking your competitors in the area or can be as tedious as finding more in-depth data or creating graphs. When it comes to topic trends, https://answerthepublic.com/ is a website you or your virtual assistant can use to search for what’s relevant to your business and target market.
  2.  File storage and organization – If you have a business that maintains a lot of files, it’s better to start organizing them now. Managing and organizing files will make it easier for your team as it gets bigger. You can assign your virtual assistant to create naming conventions or segregate the files according to type. Some applications you can use for file sharing and storage are Dropbox or Google Drive.


Getting virtual assistant can make your life easier. There are more tasks you can delegate, but these are the most common and basic ones that you need to delegate as soon as you find yourself being too caught up.


Do you need some help managing some of these tasks for you? Let’s talk about it and I’ll help you look for a solution.

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