Do you want to be a business owner with stress-free holiday??!


Yes, entrepreneurship ain’t easy.

But as soon as you’ve started to grow it for at least 3 years, you should train yourself to stop being too nosy.

Being too involved just takes away a lot of time from you.

You may have dreamed that being the ‘boss’ means having the freedom to do everything you want at any given time.

Well yes, that is not impossible to achieve if you do it right.

Once foundations are laid out, stop sabotaging yourself and stop grinding like a horse.

Before the pandemic happened, can you tell me when was the last time you really had a vacation with no work involved?

Last year? Last summer? Can’t remember anymore?

Well as soon as the borders ease up, be sure you’re ready to replenish energy from the outdoors!

Start implementing these in your business and you’ll surely be able to go on a vacation without too much worry!

✅Manage expectations

Deliver what you can to your clients. Be transparent and realistic when it comes to your policies, values, and practices. Explain what your client can expect from a project.

✅Use a system

Having a system in your team will keep you from thinking that your business is going to collapse when you are not around. Your system can be a series of SOPs you  have in place so every person in the team remains to be guided and accountable at the same time.

✅Learn to disconnect

A successful entrepreneur is someone who can balance both work and leisure. Give yourself some time on weekends. Learning to disconnect from work helps you to perform better and broaden your views on your business.

✅Learn to delegate

This is the hardest thing to do for most business owners. You tend to do even the smallest tasks in your business for fear that it won’t be done right. Learn to trust other talents like a Virtual Assistant who is capable of managing things for you.

I understand that running a business demands so much from you. But you do not have to be worn out and be drained each time you call it a day.

Remember that YOU are the ‘boss’ in the company you are building.

You have a bigger mission to fulfill so stop working on a JOB!

Be comfortable with the idea that you have to be physically and mentally fi…

A day off and holiday won’t hurt your entrepreneurial mindset.

Share in the comments below your next destination if you agree with me 🙂 

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