How Joanna Started As A Virtual Assistant

Back when I still did not have an idea about freelancing, you would see me as the typical office girl who would be tagged as a loyal employee staying for long years in a certain company. I was working hard in the corporate world for almost two decades. Yes. I know, that’s a long time but still, I felt that I wasn’t earning enough to provide everything for my family, especially my son.


When I heard that it was possible to earn just by communicating online with clients all over the world, I got really excited. I signed up right way for my Upwork profile, received part-time offers, and in January of 2015 I received my very first full-time offer.


Since then, I made the decision to leave the corporate world and instead be an online freelancer who can work from anywhere. It was in that moment that I felt like I made one of the best decisions in my life!


I’ve been treating freelancing as a solo endeavor. I’ve been helping clients left and right just by managing their projects on my own.


I always strive for self-improvement that’s why I make sure to enroll in various courses to supplement my development. I know that by doing this, I’m also helping my clients better with their businesses.


But this year, I’m ready to scale and reach bigger opportunities! My goal this year is to finally organize my VA agency of 10 members. By scaling my freelance business, I can help more clients streamline their processes and manage their social media accounts.


I’m really excited about this new chapter. Are you also ready to take the leap in your business?


If you are looking for a person to partner up with, not only take instructions or orders from you, let’s talk. I’m excited to help you grow your business.

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