How to Achieve An Ideal Work Week

Did you just look at your calendar lately?

What have you noticed?

Are you fully booked or swamped with work?


Is it similar to this?


Planning – You begin each week by listing down at least 3 big things that you want to accomplish. A big chunk of your time goes to Networking since it’s the lifeblood of your business and most of the time this is scheduled and recurring that forms part of your routine. Next is to start writing a draft for your content.

In the afternoon, you talk to your team and your mastermind group. You want to make sure that you are all aligned with what’s happening in the business.

Then you end the day by doing a few admin tasks.


You have this day devoted to creating content. That those blogs, email sequences and social media posts related to the big project you are working on are get done during this day.


This is for client-related tasks. You check your social media channels and do whatever is needed.

It could be finishing a scheduled webinar or contents that you share with your students, mentees and community.

In the afternoon, you make it a point to check your marketing efforts.


This is the day where you do most of your networking or “get-to-know-you” sort of things happen. You tend to reach out for collaboration and seek for businesses or groups you can help. It’s more of getting into the field and tapping communities for future endeavors.

If there is not much scheduled, you use your time to do more content and business planning.


This is a crucial day for you and you try not to talk to anyone because it’s the time you work on your administrative tasks.

I know you have been putting this off but you have to face it, you can never get away with your admin tasks just like talking to your bookkeeper.

Now, after viewing your weekly routine, you may have this one question for yourself….

Is it possible for you to enjoy one free day during the week?

Absolutely Yes!

With JSAYourVirtualAssistant, you can already pack your bag on a Thursday and spend more time with your family leaving all the administrative stuff to your dependable and reliable business partner.

So, if you’re a solopreneur, coach or consultant, there are things you wanted to focus on your business and give your undivided attention while the rest can be delegated.

With the help of JSAYourVirtualAssistant, a specialized business partner who already knows what to do, you will definitely feel at ease delegating these administrative tasks and day-to-day activities.

It’s time to let go of tasks that move you away from making impacting decisions and get that freedom you always wanted.

Don’t let everything done through you. Make that smart decision now and get ready to simplify things through JSAYourVirtialAssistant, your solution to having an ideal week and a smooth-running business.

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