How to make your business run even when you’re on a vacation

Few more days and it’s the most wonderful time of the year, as they say. People are starting their gift and grocery shopping. People cannot wait to spend their holiday with families and friends. Holiday decorations are out and bazaar and malls are packed with shoppers hoping to get everyone a gift.

Aren’t you excited to spend the holidays with your family, yet uneasy to leave your business? Yes, every solopreneur has that dilemma, but there is always a solution to that. If you have a trusted person in your business like a Virtual Assistant then you can be all set!

Hiring a dedicated Virtual Assistant doesn’t only make you feel at ease during the holiday because you could always check on them anytime and anywhere.

Even when you have someone you can trust your business to, it’s important that you do your responsibility when it comes to setting expectations. You need to list the task that needs to be delivered while you are away.

These tasks may include marketing, sales, and customer service. Including what specific activity should be monitored will allow your virtual assistant to perform the task in the best way possible.

An example is assigning them to answer online enquiries. When there is a problem, they could always reply immediately to a client. Other benefits of hiring a VA is it cost less than hiring a part-time employee or paying your employee for the holiday work. Another benefit of hiring a VA is that they utilize resources in pursuit of profit and knows how to strategically grow your business.

Here are some tips on  how to spot a good VA.

  • Shows reliability- this is one of the most important qualities of a Virtual Assistant as some of VA’s lack this area. A good VA should report back on their progress no matter how the result is.
  • Good communication skills- client need to know how their work is going. Always update them with what is happening in the business. Ask a schedule from clients when to be contacted and how often.
  • Can manage time effectively – knows how to strategize on workload. It is important that he/she did not just finish the task but also with substance.
  • Resourcefulness- VAs’ are required to provide solutions and solve problems for clients.Should know how to utilize whatever that was given to you in order to provide a satisfying solution to client.
  • Managing expectations and instilling confidence- A new client will probably be looking to you to lead them through the process so you need to know and explain how you work.

Remember, once you have the right virtual assistant to support you, this trustee partner of yours can help you with these 2 major things:

  • help you find motivated buyers and sellers and build your list
  • Help you close 2x or even more as many deals as you did months before

Whether it’s holiday or not, it’s always important to keep your real estate business on track. If you’re starting to plan how to deal with the coming new year, let me help you.

Schedule a call with me so we can talk about which part of your business you need support.

P.S. Enjoy the holidays!

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