How To Start Hiring A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

BUSY is good. And if you’re a real estate agent, then being busy means business is doing good.


But how can you transform being BUSY to a better state? You need to be focusing on the high-impacting aspects of your real estate business.


When your day is starting to fill up with routinary admin tasks, then it’s time to consider duplicating yourself by hiring a virtual assistant. This is one of the secrets of how top agents are able to scale to get to a 7 or 8-figure status – they duplicate themselves, so they can focus on the right things.


Are you ready to skyrocket your real estate business?


If you are, then let’s talk about some of the pre-work that you need to do before you go and look for your virtual assistant.


List down the main areas of your business. These areas may include admin, marketing, sales, customer service, and finance.


Next is to identify the tasks you’re already doing for each of the areas. Under admin, you can include uploading of listing on real estate sites, while marketing can be posting on social media channels and designing visuals.


Now, you have a bird’s eye view of your business. It’s time to think about which of these tasks you listed under each area are taking much of your time on a daily basis but are not directly translating to closed deals. Encircle or highlight them now.


When you have identified those, put them on a separate list. That serves as your task list for your virtual assistant. But before you go looking for one, another important thing to look into is the current process you have.


Yes, you may have identified the tasks to delegate, but you still want that to be accomplished at a certain level you want. To make sure that your future virtual assistant can meet your expectations, list the steps on how you would do each of the tasks you will assign.


Remember, you are currently doing these tasks daily. All you have to do is write down each of the steps you take to have proper documentation of how you perform it. Once you’re done, you now have a working manual that you can have your virtual assistant to follow.


Getting a VA is the first step to freeing up some time for yourself. A part-time VA can be great to start with, and once you expand, then you can consider hiring a dedicated VA for each of the areas your business.


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