Understanding The 3 Pillars of A Successful Coaching Business


This is the ultimate reason why people deem to operate within their safe boundaries. And it is also the reason why it is difficult for us to see the possibilities that exist around us.

This reality results in the birth of coaches, and even consultants like you, who have the gift to unlock people’s and businesses’ potentials to maximize their performance. For coaches who have been in the industry for years, you would admit that there are still times when you ask yourself, what must I still do to become a better coach?

There are indeed a lot of factors to becoming better or more successful. But in this blog article, let me walk you through the 3 pillars that you may want to assess in your coaching business. Let’s see if you can still think of improvements while going through them.

1. Attract the right clients

This is the ultimate secret sauce to a profitable coaching business. Nail this initial step and it will make things a lot easier to get to the next level of your business.

We’ve all heard about coaches trying to help all kinds of people in need. Focusing on attracting your ideal client means that before executing and launching any marketing campaigns, you are crystal clear with your offer, about your brand, the message that you want to convey, and the value of your service.

This starts with clearly defining who you want to help. Knowing about them doesn’t mean you have a list of their demographics such as age, location of residence, and languages spoken. It has to go beyond so you know what motivates them, what their fears are, what values they uphold, what leaves them awake at night, and more.

When you know who they are, you can reach out to them and attract them at any given time. The world today is ever-changing where word-of-mouth referrals and relying on your network is giving you a minimal result.

Ask yourself: Do I really know who my ideal client is?

If yes, am I reaching out to them and giving them value every day (whether it’s on video or written content via social media, email, direct newsletter etc)?

2. Convert the leads to paying clients

When you get used to giving valuable content every day to your audience, you’ll enjoy it and never notice the time. But you shouldn’t get fixated with that. Remember that you have a business to lead.

Make sure that you’re always on top of giving your leads the nudge to take on your offer so you get sales. For you to do that, check if you have the following in place:

  • Social Proof – Develop trust through sharing testimonials and reviews of your previous clients.
  • Content Marketing – Provide value by answering their questions and writing helpful blogs that they can identify with. That way, they will see you as a thought leader.
  • Sales Qualification Process – Qualify your leads and check their ability and readiness to buy from you. By running relevant questions you can help them identify their issues and provide solutions faster. Then you can now identify leads who are ready to purchase.
  • Email Marketing – Nurturing your leads with value emails and writing a follow-up sequence increases the probability to convert them to buyers.

3. Deliver and get the best results for your clients

When you have an online-based curriculum for students and clients, you have to pick a platform where you can best deliver your training and lessons. Whether you choose to house it in a membership site or drip the content in a Facebook group, setting the expectation beforehand with your enrollees is best practice.

For a higher success rate of your program, incorporate engaging activities like one week challenge, live webinars, FB Live sessions, watch parties and even meet-ups, if possible.

When it comes to content format, do not rely on one medium. Your clients have different learning styles so when budget permits, create a mix of video, text transcript, and audio recordings.

The coaching industry is no doubt a hot field and you definitely want to be successful and continue to thrive when you’re inside, but without a system and a process in place could be difficult.

Knowing that you have a reliable partner like my team who can assist you in your day-to-day operations, you can run your business the way you like it without pouring all your time and effort to manage everything.

It’s time to let go of tasks that move you away from making impacting decisions and get that freedom you always wanted. Simplify things with the help of my team, and reach the success that you’ve always wanted.

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