Who says Virtual Assistants can only do admin tasks?

Who says Virtual Assistants can only do admin tasks?

My team and I can definitely do more than that!

Let me tell you how we do it.

If you’re getting tired on how to make social media work for you, here are some quick tips:

⛔Don’t spread yourself too thin by being on every social media platform

Think about where your ideal audience is hanging out and double down your presence there.

⛔Don’t create the same types of posts

After a month of publishing content, you’ll probably notice where you’re good at — creating videos or writing. Don’t force yourself to do everything. Create more of what truly resonates with your audience.

⛔Don’t track every metric you see on your dashboard

You only need to measure the ones that are relevant to your current goal.

Want brand awareness and recall? Then keep an eye on comments, reactions, and shares. If leads are what you want, then track the inquiries you’re getting and the number of people seeing your offer.

Managing your social media accounts can take up a lot of your time as an entrepreneur and as a business owner.

But because people are spending more online and social media is one of the most powerful branding tools, you cannot just neglect it.

So it’s better to approach it with practicality rather than making it a source of overwhelm.

Comment below if you believe any of these 3 ideas I shared above.

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