Why Choosing Not To Hire A Virtual Assistant Can Make You Lose More Money

Hiring someone to delegate tasks to could mean a lot of things for a business owner. Worrying about additional expenses or hiring an untrustworthy person is just among the many objections I’m sure you’re thinking about.

And, if you’re going to add that by doing all tasks by yourself will save you money, then you are wrong!

Did you know that this may even lead to losing a lot more money and time than you can imagine?

Did you know that this may even lead to losing a lot more money and time than you can imagine?

Yes – you can lose more than the amount of a virtual assistant salary every month just by working on tasks that are repetitive and do not directly affect your revenue or sales process.

This happens because you no longer have the time to do more high-level activities that allow you to bring more value to your business.

Here are just some of the effects you unconsciously take in when you do a dozen of tasks all by yourself:

  • You have no time to review your financial status.

Reviewing and analyzing your financial data takes time before you can come up with a decision. This is a very important aspect and should not be hasten because a single mistake might affect your whole business process.

  • You have no time to look for better tools or suppliers.

Whether you’re delivering services or tangible products, the tools and suppliers you have are essential in delivering your output. And the process of finding the right one that suits what you and your clients need should be one of your priorities.

  • Your productivity is limited.

Since all of the tasks and ideas come from you, and the output depends on you alone, then production and creativity are limited to what you can do. This may lead to smaller chance of achieving success in your business areas.

  • You have no time to improve yourself.

Being thrifty is good. But if you are not smart enough to use your funds, then you will lose in the end. You are the head of your business and it’s important that you are ahead when it comes to industry trends and in your industry Delegate other tasks so that you could give time to the most important and crucial aspect of your business.

  • No check and balance.

Similar with the third reason above, there is no one to correct or verify if you are doing the right thing. That’s why delegating not only means getting one person to be an assistant but rather setting up the key persons for every major department or area of your business.

To make it easy for you to start assigning tasks, list all the things you do in a day for a week. This will serve as your brain dump in identifying the clusters of your business.

Remember, once you start hiring people to help you, have a clear communication with your team so you can learn to trust them. Honesty and setting expectations will allow them to open up their ideas so you can benefit more from their skills and talents. Building trust makes them feel engaged in the business thus creating a happy environment budding with high productivity.

And when the going gets tough, show support by doing follow-ups in case they don’t understand some steps while letting them work independently, too.

So, do you think you’re ready to boost your business by adding your key players? If you are, don’t hesitate to talk to me so I can help set up your team for you.

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