You Don’t Have to do Everything on Your Own.

If you’re a coach, let me tell you this — you don’t have to do everything on your own.

Yes, you read it right.

Having a successful coaching business doesn’t mean having everything on your hands.

Foundation is essential to achieving this.

A well-defined market and a proven solution are just two of the most overlooked yet powerful things that define a strong foundation for your business.

You can definitely nail this down on your first year of operation.

And as you go along the entrepreneur journey, these two allow you to start detaching yourself from your business.

Don’t get me wrong with this.

Detaching doesn’t mean you fully let go of your control over it.

What I meant is that your business is no longer DEPENDENT on YOU.

Because if you are always involved then that’s not a business you’re running, that’s a JOB!

Sometimes business fails due to being too much of either of these reasons: too hands off or too hands on.

Being hands off is about giving responsibility to people you know are more capable than you in certain areas of your business.

Too much of this makes you a stranger to your own business.

While being hands on is always showing up in every situation where you can sense fear from your team or contractors.

Too much of this makes you a micromanager.

Starting and managing a business is never easy. It never was.

But as an entrepreneur, you need to step out from your business to view the bigger picture.

And as a coach, you need to be impacting more people than being busy with day to day operations.

You can definitely achieve this by having the right process for yourself and trusting your team.

Want to know how to move forward from here?

Let me give you some clarity on which business area and tasks you need to start outsourcing today.

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